Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity

Solar PV panels in Somerset, Devon and Dorset

EWS Solar Power are solar specialists covering Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. We pride ourselves on offering the very best solar PV panels and associated equipment, taking into account not only reliability and return on investment but your other requirements and concerns, including the visual impact of solar panels on your property.

With the current government backed schemes designed to reward you for installing solar PV panels and producing your own green electricity, you can expect an 8-10% tax free return on your investment, guaranteed for 20 years.

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How Solar Panels Work

Solar PV panels use cells to capture the sun’s energy and convert solar radiation into electricity. The majority of homes in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset are suitable for a solar PV system but, in additional to panels, a number of other elements are required to efficiently generate cheap green electricity for your home and a tax free income for you.

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Why Choose Solar PV

There are many reasons to install solar PV panels, from reducing your carbon footprint as well as your annual electricity bills to minimising the impact of ever increasing energy costs and generating a tax free income for the next 25 years. What’s more, Solar PV panels and systems are easy to fit, guaranteed to last and require minimal maintenance.

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Is Solar PV right for you?

Solar PV panels do not require bright sunlight in order to operate so you can still generate electricity on cloudy days. However, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding if solar PV is the right renewable energy choice for you, including the angle of your roof, the direction your property faces and if the panels will be in any shade.

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Our Products

At EWS we pride ourselves on offering the very best solar PV panels and associated equipment from manufacturers such as Conergy, Suntech, Axitec,LG,SMA, PowerOne and Tigo Energy. As independent, fully accredited MCS installers we offer unbiased advice and will recommend the best system for your particular requirements, whilst ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

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Solar PV FAQs

Hopefully we’ve covered all of your questions about solar PV electric systems in our FAQ's section. This is the place to go if you're looking for quick answers to questions like do I need planning permission, how much roof space do I need and do the PV panels need direct sunlight to work?

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