Our Solar PV Products

Industry leading solar photovoltaic panels and equipment

At EWS Solar Power we only use industry leading solar panels and equipment, chosen to offer optimum performance and reliability. We value our independence as it means that we are able to recommend the very best products for your particular site and your personal requirements and budget.

REC Solar
Tigo Energy
PV Solar Panels

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Solar panels form the heart of a solar PV system. We offer a choice of industry leading solar panels including those manufactured by SolarWorld, LG Electronics, PhonoSolar, BenQ & Panasonic. When choosing the best panels for your site we consider a number of factors including the space available and your budget - highly efficient panels require less space to generate the same amount of power but are more expensive.



Solar Panel Inverters





Inverters convert the DC current produced by solar panels into AC current which is then fed into the electricity supply for use in the home, with any surplus electricity fed back into the national grid. We normally supply industry leading SMA inverters.

Generating Monitors

Generation Meters / Monitoring Systems

In order to conform to regulations and qualify for feed-in tariff payments you need a meter or system that will accurately register the total kWh of PV electricity generated by the solar panels. We offer a wide choice of systems from industry leaders SMA that will keep an eye on your solar power system around the clock, allowing you to see just how fast your investment is paying off.

Mounting Systems

Mounting Systems

We offer solar panel mounting systems from Fischer, K2, Schletter and Schuco that allow us to mount the panels in a place that suits your site and requirements – whether that is on top of your existing roof tiles (on roof), flush with roof tiles (in roof) or on a flat roof or the ground.

If you would like to find out how solar PV could work for you give us a call, email us or fill in our enquiry form to arrange a free on site assessment. We promise to give you honest advice on the suitability of solar pv for you and will design the optimum system to meet your requirements.