Solar Switch with Export Limiting Function

Cutting edge innovation for controlling generated electricity

Power Flow


Why choose an energy recovery system (ERS)?

During its daily cycle a grid connected renewable generator such as solar PV, wind or hydro, produces electrical power based on available natural energy. Due to the very nature of these renewable technologies the production of power does not always coincide with demand.

When energy production is greater than demand the surplus is exported to the supply network, this results in lost opportunities to increase self consumption which would lead to greater energy savings.

Lost energy can be stored for usage later on

A key accessory for solar PV or wind generators, PowerFlow's Energy Recovery System (ERS) is a true fully proportional export energy controller.

This means by accurately controlling resistive electrical loads, such as immersion or panel heaters, ERS can smoothly divert exported energy to be stored as hot water (for example, by using a hot water cylinder). It does this by cleverly controlling your existing immersion heating element meaning no other specialist heating equiptment is required.

Depending on how you heat your water, recovering energy in this way will result in a gas, oil or electricity saving, essentially giving you a solar thermal hot water system for a fraction of the cost. The foundation of PowerFlow's ERS is F-POINT technology® which is developed by our engineers from the ground up.