Why Choose a Solar Thermal System

Top reasons to install a solar thermal water heating system

There are many reasons to install a solar thermal system, from reducing your carbon footprint as well as your annual energy bills, to minimising the impact of ever increasing energy costs and generating an income from government backed incentives. What’s more, solar thermal panels and systems are easy to fit, reliable and require minimal maintenance.

Read on to find out more about the main benefits of solar thermal and the reasons why it is an excellent renewable energy choice.

Solar Panels

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Whenever fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas are burnt, carbon dioxide is released. CO2 is the principal contributor to the green-house effect which is leading to long term climate change. Solar thermal systems are environmentally friendly, using sunlight to heat your water.

Depending on your site and system it is likely that you could generate 50 - 60% of your annual hot water requirements from solar thermal energy, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

On average, every home spends 20-25% of its annual energy bills on water heating. In the UK a well designed solar water heating system can provide almost all the hot water for a home during the summer months and on average around 50-60% of requirements year round.

The hot water generated by your system is completely free for you to use, so your energy costs will be greatly reduced.

The Most Efficient Renewable Energy Choice

Solar thermal is proven to be the most cost effective form of renewable energy for domestic applications, offering you the chance to make the biggest reductions in both your fuel bills and carbon footprint per pound spent.

Earn an Income

Thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) announced earlier this year, from 2012 the government will pay you a guaranteed income on the thermal energy you generate for the next 20 years. Anyone who has installed a solar thermal system since July 2009 will be able to claim the income, as long as they have used an accredited installer.

Limit Your Reliance on Energy Suppliers

It’s no secret that the price of energy has risen steeply in recent years and with the diminishing supply of natural fossil fuels and growing demand worldwide, this trend is only set to continue. Installing a solar thermal system will reduce your dependency on energy suppliers, whilst minimising the impact of rising energy prices in the years to come.

Long System Life and Minimum Maintenance

Solar thermal is a proven and well-developed technology which has been used for decades. The reliability of solar thermal systems has been established through use over many years and because there are no moving parts, the panels tend to be very reliable and require little maintenance.

If you would like to find out how solar thermal could work for you give us a call, email us or fill in our enquiry form to arrange a free on site assessment. We promise to give you honest advice on the suitability of solar thermal for you and will design the optimum system to meet your requirements .